Work-Life Balance

Work- life balance is something many of us strive for on a daily basis. This is something I personally strive for; I love my job and my work family, but I also want to enjoy time with family and have a special bond with my son as he grows. Everyone is always saying “enjoy it now because they grow up fast” and I believe it. Everyday my son is growing, learning and puts a smile on my face.  Did you know, the phrase “work-life balance” was 1st used in the United Kingdom in the late 1970’s, and then in the United states in 1986. This phrase was used to describe the balance between prioritizing work; career and ambition, and lifestyle; health, pleasure, leisure and family.  This is not gender- specific, both men and women have started to share household and childcare duties as women want to be part of the work force and not just stay home and do housework, and men want to enjoy fatherhood.  People are looking to have full satisfaction in life, sometimes working less means less money, and higher stress, but more time with family to create and cherish memories.

Technology has made work-life balance a little trickier as employee’s become accessible around the clock leading to increased stressed levels because of the never-ending work day.  Some people feel that this constant ability to access work has blurred the lines and increased the daily struggle of work-life balance.  The positive side of technology is that it has allowed a lot of people the ability to work from home which has increased the ability to have a better work-life balance.

A work-life balance is different for everyone, but it’s important to find the proper balance that works for you and your family.  Start by making a list of things that are important to you and prioritize them.  A few additional tips are as follows; unplug from technology more often and truly focus on the present and enjoy the moment, exercise daily, and even meditate. Creating this balance is not always easy, but anyone can achieve something when they put their mind to it. Ask yourself what’s important to you and prioritize it. I make it a priority to get up every morning to do my daily workout because it gives me energy, I feel awake and alert all day long without a coffee.  That’s just one simple thing in my life that I made a personal commitment to do and sometimes it’s a challenge, but it makes all the difference in my day.

Hope everyone is enjoying this Christmas week and allowing for some work-life balance.  I’m writing this blog while enjoying time with my family and friends this winter holiday which would not have been possible without technology. I look forward to this holiday week each year as our office is closed to allow us to cherish and spend time with our families and re-charge our mental and physical well being.




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