Denture Adhesives

When Denture Adhesives should or shouldn’t be used:

They should be used to enhance the retention, stability and bite force as well as to help with one’s sense of security. They can also be used to help individuals who suffer from dry mouth which lessen denture adherence. Other people who may need to use denture adhesive are people who place unusual demands on facial muscles; such as musicians and public speakers as well as those who have neurologic disabilities; such as strokes and the elderly.

They should not be used as a permanent fix for those individuals who have a poor fitting denture. Loose dentures can cause sores to develop.  Also, dentures rest on the gum tissues and the jaw bones, which shrink and deteriorate overtime, so the real problem may be that you need a hard reline or new dentures, not more adhesive.  Other times denture adhesive should not be considered is when oral hygiene practices cannot be sustained, and when any known allergy exists to the ingredient.

How are they applied?

  1. Use a minimal amount necessary to provide the maximum benefit (tips: less is more, easier to add then remove)
  2. Apply or reapply when necessary to provide the fit you find most comfortable
  3. Make sure your denture is thoroughly clean before applying adhesive
  4. They work best when your denture fits properly

There are many types of denture adhesives but the following two are the most common:

  1. Paste Application:

Apply to a dry or wet denture (wet is preferred), be sure to avoid placing near borders as you do not want it to ooze out. If it does ooze out be sure to use less next time.

  1. Powder Application:

Sprinkle a thin, uniform layer throughout the tissue- bearing surface of the denture. Then shake off the extra powder and press the denture into place. * Powders may be preferred over paste because they are easier to clean off the denture and tissue.

Poligrip and Fixadent are two of the top brands on the market for denture adhesives

 Are they safe?

Dental adhesives are safe as long as you use them properly. If the denture fits well and you are only using adhesives for stability, there should be no concern. If you are using adhesives excessively to fill voids for dentures that do not fit properly, then you could be causing damage to under lying soft and hard tissues. In addition, because of the movement on the soft tissue and underlying bone, bone loss can occur due to the ill-fitting denture.

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