CloSYS is an amazing dental product on the market that can be used as a complete oral health system, individual toothpaste, or rinse.  Cloralstan is a patented ingredient that has the power to rapidly kill the bacteria that causes plaque and bad breath without the traditional burning of other mouthrinses. This product does not contain Alcohol, Triclosan, Sulfate or Gluten. It kills 99% of bacteria in 10 seconds and prevents their re-growth. In addition, unlike many other dental rinses, it does not “cover up” bad breath, is actually eliminates the problem all together. I had a patient who had bad breath for years, but after giving him a sample of CloSYS his wife came in raving about how well it worked. CloSYS helps with bad breath because it eliminates VSC’s which are volatile sulfur compounds that produce the malodorous gasses in the mouth, known as halitosis.

Closys antiseptic oral rinse contains stabilizing chlorine dioxide which is what oxidizes and kills 99% of the germs in 10 seconds. As mentioned above, this rinse can treat symptoms of gum disease, and provide long lasting protection against bad breath caused by the VSC’s. The removal of VSC’s is vital in periodontal maintenance.  Hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan are the volatile sulfur compounds that are responsible for damaging soft tissues. This rinse helps oxidize cysteine and methionine, which are sulfur containing amino acids that come from the cell walls that produce hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan.  Other benefits of using closys are; it is non-staining, pH balanced, and you have the ability to control the flavor with flavor control drops. Below is a graph showing the amount of VSC’s before you rinse, then immediately after you rinsed, followed by 5 hours after you rinsed with CloSYS.


CloSYS antiplaque toothpaste “contains the patented and unique combination of chlorine dioxide and buffering phosphates to kill harmful bacteria, periodontal pathogens and neutralize odor causing volatile sulfur compounds on contact”(1). A cosmetic bonus to this toothpaste is it can help whiten your teeth. It has a special combination of silica polishers and oxidizing power of chlorine dioxide. Although, it won’t drastically change the shade of your teeth it will help remove the everyday superficial stain of wine, coffee, tea, soda or other staining foods. At a level of 53, Closys is one of the lowest abrasive toothpastes on the market which is what makes it ok to use daily. The American Dental Association sets a standard of 100 as being acceptable, anything above 100 is considered more abrasive and can harm the tooth structure. (See the chart below to compare the dental abrasiveness in the most commonly used toothpaste) Closys does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) which is a foaming agent commonly found in most toothpaste. Sodium lauryl sulfate provides no functional benefit; we just like to physically see something happening when using toothpaste. So, for those who suffer from apthous ulcers or do not like the foaming of toothpaste this is a nice alternative for you.


The oral cavity is a very fertile area for bacteria of many types, some good and some harmful. My goal as a dental professional is to make sure we control these bacteria that can cause tooth decay or gum disease. CloSYS has proven to be extremely effective in neutralizing pH balance which reduces germ growth. CloSYS rinse is the product I recommend most often and have seen superior results with. The only stipulation is that “toothpastes containing SLS should not be used within a 2 hour window of using a chlorhexidene-based rinse, as they are two compounds that are incompatible when used together” (1).   So, for best results make sure to use SLS free toothpaste such as Sensodyne or CloSYS.

The link below will bring you to an online website where it will give you a variety of locations to purchase CloSYS as well as sign up for coupons.


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