Tips on Motivating Children to Brush!

Motivating Children to Want to Brush Their Teeth!

We all know getting children to brush their teeth can be a struggle. It’s one of many battles we have with our children, but it’s a battle worth choosing. As I have stated in my previous blog posts, brushing is essential and the key to your overall health. It is just as important in children as adults, and creating a homecare routine for children at an early age is critical. Here are a few ideas on ways to help motivate your child to brush their teeth.

  • Begin early in life: If you start when they are infants they get used to the oral stimulation and this begins the habit. When toddlers are used to having their teeth brushed they have an easier time when it comes to learning how to brush their teeth.
  • Make it a family affair: Kids love to mimic adults, especially their parents. So brush and floss your teeth with them. If your child sees you having good habits, they will only naturally follow along. It also allows you, as the parent, to monitor their brushing and making sure they are doing a good job.
  • Let your child have choices: Kids love to be independent and usually have a favorite character or show. So when you go to the store allow them to pick out the toothbrush of their choice. It will make taking care of their teeth seem more fun and exciting.
  • Toothpaste: There are many different types and flavors of toothpaste. Most kids struggle with toothpaste flavors, especially the cinnamon and mint. So be sure to keep that in mind when choosing toothpaste for your child, also understand it may be a trial and error process in the beginning. You can encourage toothpaste not only by flavor, but color, and some toothpaste tubes even have fun kid themes.
  • Education: Take advantage of all the kid friendly apps, books, and video’s that are out there. Use them to teach your children the importance of brushing, and proper brushing methods. (Sonicare also has a great brushing app, that helps children track their  brushing – especially if your child is using a sonicare electric toothbrush)  This is a link of a fun brushing song for children.
  • Music: Use Music to help with brushing/ homecare time. Most songs are 2-4 minutes long, so if you child has a favorite song, play that during brushing & flossing. This will help make the routine more fun and exciting.
  • Reward Charts: You are never too old for reward charts. Children benefit from them because they can see their progress and all kids love earning prizes. It also helps kids learn the consistency of the habit. You can make your own or use the example below.

I understand brushing with children is not always easy but it is very important. It is a lifelong habit, and as parents it’s our responsibility to instill this habit in our children. I hope these motivation tips are helpful.  Use what works best for your family and or each individual child. If you have any additional tips or questions please feel free to comment below or contact us by email,

  • Click the blue highlighted BrushChart link below for an Adobe File to print out the images.

BrushChartblog brushing chart

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